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Monday, August 19, 2013

WiterBabu | A Social Network For Writers

WriterBabu is a social network for writers, readers and bloggers. It is a platform to express your creativity and knowledge freely and connect with fellow readers and writers.

Srijan Srivastava

WriterBabu Logo

I (Srijan Srivastava) always had really awesome stories but I always had this difficulty in expressing it on public platforms like Facebook due to my public image as well as the lack of proper environment/audience. I always wanted to start something to let people express their stories, creativity and wisdom freely. I also wanted that readers should read with an unbiased mindset. Just five months in job after graduating from IIT Delhi in 2011, it happened one day at work when my product manager was discussing my disinterest in work and what I wanted to do actually and I explained her my idea. I had been working on WriterBabu since then.

I started writing the code for WriterBabu on 3rd December 2011 and I launched it for beta test users on 16th Jan 2012, a barely usable version and it has evolved into what it is now over time. I started working on the idea after I started coding for WriterBabu. I always had a basic idea that it would be a social network and I had to ensure freedom of expression and unbiased mindset. Also I had with me my key tool which will allow me to do it, anonymity. 

Srijan Srivastava, Founder WriterBabu
Beta test users were my close friends and family. The users started coming in first when I made the Facebook page for WriterBabu and invited all my friends to like it. Some of the friends who joined wrote some articles and then they were shared socially and then friends of friends joined. The growth was really slow initially and there were days after launch when no one posted any article on WriterBabu. 

I am not successful yet ( not even far far away) to give advice but I can state some facts about starting up. The fact is that the starting up is the biggest step itself. It takes guts to show your product to the world and it feels like the world is watching you, but relax! No one cares that much. Things break apart when you launch, there will be panic, make the most out of it. Talk to each user personally. Things move very slowly at the starting point. Have patience and keep hope. When you launch there is an initial spike in the number of users who are checking out your product for the first time and then there is a silence. You need to break that silence regularly. It's a huge advantage if you have a tech co-founder/founder in case of internet startup. Cuts the cost drastically.

Always talk positive to everyone, you are your company (Brand) now. Feel gratitude towards all those who helped you in what you are doing, and even more towards those who questioned if your start-up will ever work! You will always need them.

To know more about my WriterBabu journey one can have a look at my open diary where I have written developments going on in WriterBabu on a daily basis since the day diary was introduced. 

Keep writing ... Writing is fun ... :)