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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photodilse | A Web Based Photo-Sharing Platform

Photodilse.com is a web based photo-sharing platform which allows anyone from an amateur using a point and shoot camera to a professional using full frame, high end models to share their work.

Founders: Sudeep Samantha and Shailesh Lad

Photodilse Startup Story - FledglingsBuzz.com

We (Sudeep and Shailesh) both are 20 years old and are currently pursuing our bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences. We both have been childhood friends, classmates and now co-owners of a successful startup. We both have worked in unison for several assignments including organizing college events to developing commercial websites but Photodilse has certainly been the most special thing so far…

The beginning of Photodilse was not a result of a ‘Eureka Moment’. It was a casual thought which came to our mind while having a casual conversation in our college canteen. It was a mere thought and had to be refined several times. Once we believed that the idea had enough potential we placed it in front of several photographer friends. Initially, they all loved the concept and agreed to contribute with their photographs. However, the agreement didn’t last long and most of them bailed out at the last moment leading to the delay in launch of Photodilse. We then decided to start it from scratch once again and finally the founding stone of Photodilse was laid. The actual website went online on 25th May, 2013 and has received a fabulous response ever since.

Photographers from all over the globe are a part of our team who contribute with their photo art. Photodilse since its inception has been able to publish photographs of more than 70 photoartists from all over the globe. Our club of photoartists’ include from amateurs to those who are renowned all over the world for their work. Some of the elite photographers on Photodilse are Mr. SudhirShivram (Wildlife), Mr. ShikheiGoh (Macro), Mr. Ginetom Gomes (Fashion), Mr. Rohan Reilly (Monochrome), Mr. CarasIonut (Fine Art), Ms. Elena Kallis (Underwater), Mr. Osman Ghani (Wedding) and many more.

Sudeep Samanta, CEO Photodilse
Photodilse has amassed over 50k photographs, 100k visitors, and 750k page views in just over 6 months. Apart from the figures, the fact that we are creating a club of photographers is what gives us utmost pleasure. A community where a German photographer is mentoring and guiding a Delhi based amateur artist and an artist from Israel is sharing his work and gaining fans and followers from India and Indonesia.

Shailesh Lad, COO Photodilse
Marketing is the most important part of any business but we do not follow a dedicated marketing strategy. We use the social network to spread our website. Our only way to market our product is through what we term as ‘Auto-marketing’. We feature the work of others thereby helping them spread their wings and they in turn help us to spread our website. Each time a person shares the link of his images or interview he or she is indirectly marketing our website. In this way we turn people into ’Stars’ and they turn us into ‘Superstars’.

When we started Photodilse, one of our aims was to create a stock Website for selling photographs however very soon we realized that the task at hand was not easy without any prior experience and lack of legal knowledge and the ides was scrapped. We decided to publish photographs and interviews without charging a penny. However, now after the success Photodilse has achieved we have been recommended by several renowned artists to transform Photodilse in to a Stock-Photo Website. We are working on a creative model that will incorporate various changes into the website making it a Photo publisher and seller!

Website: Photodilse.com


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