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Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Ride | Ride-Sharing Social Platform To Reduce Number Of Vehicles On Roads

Let's Ride is a social platform for users to find and share rides. Let's Ride allows people to connect and share rides via social media. People looking to share a ride on a given route can connect with people who are looking for/offering rides to the preferred routes after registering with the website.

Founder: Rajkumar Mundel

What’s your background? Where did the idea come from?

Let's Ride started from a lovely Rajasthani village named Indokely. I,Raj, the founder hail from Indokely. During my school days I used to commute to school and back home by taking lifts. Sometimes on bicycle or sometimes on a bailgadi (bullock cart) or sometimes just a walk along with a stranger. That's how I had started applying the concept of Let's Ride, right from my childhood. 

When after my graduation I moved to Bangalore, the traffic scenario there was really difficult to ignore. The crying need of the day compelled me to think of some solution to fix this problem. Ever since, I have been working on how to fight and solve this problem together as a community. Let's Ride basically wants to create a better community which would cater to all the troublesome needs of the people in the community.So that we grow by helping each other.

Rajkumar Mundel
From the moment when you decided to start working on your idea – your finished building your platform.

It took me pretty long to polish the idea. There are not just one but many obstacles in creating a ride-sharing community. In the initial days it was very tough to find out a solution to solve all the problems that come up during ride sharing. Then when that was pretty much clear in my head, me and my chuddy buddy Praveen Mane, started developing the first version of Let's Ride. Meanwhile I met this solo traveler-Averi, who happened to really like our idea and she started working with us for marketing and other activities. And here we are now with the latest version of let's ride.

Let's Ride Team: Averi & Praveen
How you got your initial users? And increase in the number of users.

We all love Facebook!! Don't we? Our first homemade marketing was made through Facebook. We were learning as we were developing our product, so we could manage to do online media marketing.Through common friends and likes and shares, we started of with the initial users. Every user who registered on Let's Ride then, made us all so happy, that was beyond anything else.

What has been the hardest part of the startup experience so far?

With a concept such as Ride-sharing, the most difficult thing to crack was to bring about the habitual change. Make people believe in ride-sharing and educate them about its whereabouts. We are still in the process that is the most difficult thing to convince each and every single person.

What are you up to now, and what are the big things you’re working on?

We are now concentrating only on marketing. On promotions through social media websites just like yours. We are also doing on road marketing. And trust me it is super fun!

Any advice you would like to give to our readers?

First create a great team. Let's put it dis way - behind every successful businessman, there is a great team. It all about the team.

Website: letsride.in


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