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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beeing Social | Beeing All The Way

Well folks, this ain't about a 'bee-movie' , but about those guys who have made social media blossom into a garden of flowers for people like you and me. The "Beeing social" is one such startup venture by 3 'bees' - Abhishek Rajpurohit, Abhishek Mittal and Harssh K Vyaas. The firm caters to a wide variety of services ranging from customizing your social media presence, search engine optimization, online reputation management to branding and PR and loads more. Based in Mumbai, this firm provides the best mix of IT and social media which is at the best interests of their clients.

When asked about their initiative, here's what Abhishek Rajpurohit had to say-

What made you take up and pursue such an idea?

Initially, when we were working for other digital marketing agencies, all we could see was big clients. Also the fact that the area of startups, which is actually a very powerful tool was left out. At that time, there were no startups on social media mainly in the field of digital marketing, so we decided to fit in and start working towards carving out a new cliche' for ourselves, becoming a brand while branding others as well.

Abhishek Rajpurohit
Abhishek Mittal 
So why a "bee" ?

Well,you see the honey bees are one of the most skillful and social creatures.That's why we call ourselves "bees" . We are smart bees! :)

Harssh K Vyaas
How has been the ride so far?

We started out 22nd Dec,2012 as a startup initiative and then with time and experience, we evolved into a firm which is totally devoted to its clients. Overall, it has been a roller coaster ride!

When you guys first started out what kind of challenges did you face? Also, what type of clients did you get back then?

Getting sponsors!! It was quite tough for us to appeal the sponsors to back us up. Added to that was the issue of limited finances and supply of clients. But we emerged out of that phase after struggling against all the odds that came our way. Eventually!

As for our first clients, it was mostly fellow startups ..... small startups like us and students who helped us progress.

How has the progress and response been so far,according to you?

The progress has been tremendous. We started out small, we are just a year and 4 months old and today, we have a quite commendable client list which ranges from small to big clients, all alike. So the progress has actually caught up with our expectations and the response has been good so far.

Then again, this is just the beginning; we still have a long way to go!

Your firm already deals with so many spheres of social media, what can possibly be in store for clients in the future from your firm?

So far, we cover Social Media, Online reputation management, Online Branding and Online PR. Not to mention SEO, Google Analytics, Viral Marketing and Google Adwords. We also venture into Online Media Buying. In a way, one can say that we are all in all, a complete solution for everything that our clients need.

Then again, we have only learned to spread our wings, we still have to go a long way so as to venture out into the world. As of now, we are planning to include more such services in our firm and "bee-ing out" to expand our honeycomb.

Any last words of wisdom for our readers and would-be startup founders?

Basically, if you are into startups, then just go with it. It might be as rough as a storm, but once you pass that phase, it will make you feel good! The key to surviving that storm is solely patience , even when you are having second thoughts about it.

Other than that, money should never be the motive behind any startup. You can have a startup if you want to but if you have it just to make big money, then you are wrong. Eventually, you might be a big earner, but money should not be the only motive for opening a startup. It's your passion for your startup that'll help you and the venture grow and maybe in future, give you what you expect.

So you heard him folks, Bring the passion into your startup's fashion! ;-)


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