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Friday, August 22, 2014

ArchestrA | Where Form Follows Function

Being an architect isn't only about construction, it's about creating wide spaces with small spaces.

As quoted by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright, A building is not just a place to be but a way to be.

With the brimming desire to expand on the “ways”, the genesis of ArchestrA started with the joint efforts of Architects turned Entrepreneurs Anu and Chanchal Bhattacharya.

An excerpt of the interview with these budding entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur by accident or Intent? Where did the idea come from?

we are entrepreneurs by Intent, deliberate actions towards entrepreneurship and zeal for it. We are entrepreneurs, thanks to God, because of all the favors, guidance and encouragement we have received that were essential to start us up.

Shed some light on your Background? Why did you start your company?

We started our company due to lack of opportunities for creative work in the current day architectural firms which require you to go through the regular rigmarole of starting up as a drafts-person-architect, and by the time you get to actually execute any of your creative contributions you wouldn’t be surprised to see some
grey hairs on your scalp. That was not the main reason, although one of the reasons. We find that there are too many reasons people can give not to be an entrepreneur than why to be one. So instead of listening to the Naysayers, we decided to live it up and live our dream.

Anu and Chanchal Bhattacharya
Your first steps. How long did it take to put together ArchestrA? What does your start-up do?

We designed a small eatery/restaurant as our first step for good friends of ours. We started with Interior design and Graphic design jobs for contacts of ours and put all our zeal and enthusiasm into it. That, we found, was the fulfillment our business gave us and our clients. We progressed into architecture and that being our actual profession is what we are looking to foray into along with Interiors, Landscape and Graphic design. ArchestrA took just one night’s interval to put together, and this includes the printing of the visiting cards, website domain purchase and the making up of the partnership. But the actual thought was ruminant in our minds for more than a year before we took the step.

Greatest challenge. What has been the hardest part of the startup experience so far?

The greatest challenge is to pay for a space to set up a business as the rents for business spaces for architects in a respectable neighborhood is quite high. We have done our groundwork; literally! And looking forward to set up the office this year!

What are you up to now, and what are the things you're working on?

We are working on Interiors for residences about 3500 square feet in extent, the architecture for apartments and quite a few logo design and graphic design jobs. We also have a 3D printing business and us being one of the few owners of a 3D printer in Bangalore, look forward to advertise ourselves to any architecture/model-making/mechanical engineering firms who might require a 3D printed models for all applications from display pieces to working toys.

Where do you see ArchestrA 5 years from Now?

We see that God is with us, and going with this pace, we have taken the limits of our path. We are looking to employ more architects, engineers and draftspersons soon and also are ready to take on investments.

Any piece of advice/word of caution, you would like to give to readers And soon to be starting up founders.

Make up your mind to start up soon! Doing is the best (and the only) way of doing!


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